Monday, August 03, 2009

Liber Rebind

My Liber as it once looked. Seems so long ago.

I've decided to have my Liber Usualis rebound. I hate the hardcover, which is in pretty bad shape right now anyway. I tripped with it a while ago going up some stairs and landed on it. Every since then it hasn't been the same. Now it is being partly held together with packing tape.

Since I use it a couple times a week and carry it with me to both forms of the Roman Rite for singing and I figure it would cost me the same if not more for a new one, why not have it rebound in a flexible genuine calfskin leather cover? I was quoted today a price of between $75 and $99 from a midwestern bookbindery.

When its done in a few weeks I'll show some new pictures of my Liber.

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