Monday, August 31, 2009

On My Bishop Resigning

I have to admit, I am not exactly sure what to think of my Bishop resigning today.  Both did, actually.  Bp. Martino has been a bright star of late in American Catholicism (if there is such a thing.)  He stood up for the Catholic faith against the dissenting minions as he made enemies of fake union members, denounced pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians, and tried to make the local Catholic universities fall in line with Church teaching.


The reason for the resignation has me a little baffled but I am in no position to judge.  I only hope this does not bring disillusionment to the faithful still in the trenches doing their best to stand up for the faith now that a leader, a general so to speak, has fallen by the wayside.  We have so much work to do for the Faith.  I pray we do not lose heart and that the enemies of Holy Mother Church fail miserably and convert. 


The vultures will be swirling.  The liberals will think they have won a victory here.  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  Pray for Bp. Martino as he transitions to a quieter life.  Pray for all of the detractors, the swirling vultures, the dissenters, and the politicians in the diocese that they would be converted.  Pray for the faithful that they would not be given over to the will of the Enemy.


Christus Vincit!, Christus Regnat!, Christus Imperat!


Christian said...

I too have many thoughts about it all. But one thing is for certain -- Bishop Martino rally challenged us on what our faith means and how we understand it. Maybe I'm still a bit naive but I was actually surprised by the collective level of ignorance of the faith displayed across the diocese particularly over the last two years. He really pointed out the need for the Call to Holiness and Mission that we are ALL called towards. And right now, it seems, we need to engage in search and rescue missions for our brothers and sisters who have greatly flawed understandings of the faith. There is much work to be done.

I am part of a new men's ministry started up for just this purpose. Check us out at: or our blog at

I generally only read your posts on google reader, and I just noticed the quote from Chesterton in your headline. It's a good one, thanks Brother.

Matt said...

Hey Christian - thanks for the comments. I agree Bp. Martino challenged us, but I'm not surprised of the ignorance in the Diocese. I saddened by it, but I kind of expect it save for the devout circles of people at the parish level.

Thanks for the link to the mens' group. We just started a Knights of Columbus at my parish, so the men are just beginning to organize.

I'll check out the links you sent.

Matt said...

Should read: I am saddened by it...

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton