Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today I got an email from the Baronius Press email list saying their Cantena Aurea has gone to the printers. It will be ready by December 1st. One can only assume this announcement has come out now because Preserving Christian Publications has just released its new printing of the work. You will pay more for the retype-set and higher quality book set from Baronius than the white-edged reprint edition from PCP. The PCP version has a "antique-style khaki rattan Kidskin" ... I have no idea what that is.

Here are the specs on each. (Yes, I copied and pasted! Except for the red parts, those are my comments.)

Each volume features original-quality text reprinted on fine, natural-colored paper, sewn-binding, handsomely hardbound in an antique-style khaki rattan Kidskin with red embossing on the covers and spines, and a red marking ribbon. All for just $118.00!

(Size is 9" x 5.75")

  • Freshly re-typeset. This is the first time in more than 150 years that the Catena Aurea has been entirely re-typeset, meaning that the text is crisp, clear and easy to read, unlike many facsimile editions. It accurately reproduces the original text and incorporates all errors noted in the original volumes' errata sheets.
  • Beautiful leather-bound cover with two-colour blocking.
  • Gilded page edges.
  • Two ribbons.
  • Fine Marbled endpapers.
(Baronius' edition is $139.00 and is smaller at 8.5" x 6")

It is worth looking at Baronius' page where they show the difference between photocopied text and newly typset text before you make a purchasing decision. You may decide that you don't care, or you might really like (or need) the fresher text. I will take newly typeset text over a photocopy unless I see the photocopy before I purchase it.

Unfortunately, and this looks like a big disappointment, Baronius has again pushed back its Breviary. Removed from the Forthcoming Titles section is the "Anticipated publication date is sometime in 2009..." line from the Breviary area. I have heard from little elves that this isn't really Baronius' fault because Imprimaturs can take a very long time. In other words, the proofreading is pretty much done. But if anyone has more info on that, let me know.

So, how long? Another year? Hrm, we should pray not.

PCP also put out a new printing of Sources of Catholic Dogma.

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