Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CCHD and "Positive Doubt"

It is a Catholic moral principle that if you have a positive doubt as to whether or not something is sinful, you may not do it. Giving money to "charitable" organizations that support anti-Catholic positions is most likely sinful. So at least in my opinion, we may not do it. I think CCHD has crossed the threshold for this year.

There is enough information out there regarding the practices of CCHD to create this positive doubt. It is obvious that they (we) have given money to anti-Catholic organizations and even though we are promised anew that the Campaign has fixed itself (again), the proof will be in the pudding next year.

The premise of the CCHD is not instrinsically evil. It can be fixed and should be because it does a lot of good for the poor. But we cannot probably do evil that good may come of it, right? I really hope the Bishops fix this and get it right this time.

Perhaps a good way of redirecting the funds that would have been given to CCHD this year would be to do research on the groups it gives to and then give to the worthy ones directly while ignoring the bad ones.

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