Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Choir!

A few weeks ago I asked the pastor at the Ordinary Form parish where I am the Saturday evening organist if it would be OK to begin a choir for Christmas. He said it "Sure!" and we began planning.

Tonight was the first rehearsal. I am blessed to be directing 8 women of varying ages. Half of them are over 50, half are under 20. They all seemed very enthusiastic.

I took a cautious approach to picking music and it was the correct one. There was no telling what I was getting into. They are not very experienced but their drive will make up for the lack of skill.

Part of what I will be doing with them will be providing an introduction to traditional Catholic music and its spirituality. In that vein the first piece we sang tonight was Gregorian Chant. In fact, it was the Communion antiphon for Midnight Mass "In Splendoribus". I did that because it was short and easy. It is good to give a new group something to succeed at during the first rehearsal.

None of them seemed to have any experience with chant other than having heard it before. It was a great deal of fun explaining to them the spirituality, the notation, and the history of Guido D'Arezzo and his famous "Guidoian Hand". Everyone learned something and it was a great experience. After we had rehearsed our second piece of the night (which was a 3 part hymn for the Offertory) we returned to the chant to see if they had retained what they learned.

They nailed it and we all left happily. What a great blessing this was. Deo Gratias!

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