Friday, November 13, 2009

St. Benedict Press RSV-CE

St. Benedict Press has released their new RSV-CE. Information at this time is rather sparse. I didn't actually get an email announcement but noticed it had appeared on another blog. The cover options look the same as their new Douay-Rheims.

According to online shops the presentation pages, maps, and color paintings are identical.

I have emailed the publicist for layout shots. So far there is no information regarding cross references, footnotes, or any other extras. More information to come when I get it!


becket said...

Looks good!. Now if only the RSV CE text would be used in the NO Mass, instead of the dreaded "inclusive" in the spirit of V2 NAB.

Timothy said...


I am still waiting on the genuine leather edition that I ordered almost 2 weeks ago. I tried emailing them at least 3 times and received no response, so I decided to call them. The customer service rep. said they had them in stock and that they should be out by now. Hopefully I will have something to post in the next few days.

Matt said...

Something is strange because I have never not received a reply from them...

2 weeks for delivery? Wow.

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