Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By request: Diurnale Romanum by Preserving Christian Publications

Rich, in the comments, asked if I could show the Diurnale Romanum by Preserving Christian Publications. Here it is! Its true there aren't many photos out there on the different websites which carry it. In fact, on most sellers websites the photos for books are atrocious. There isn't much to review here. This is very straightforward.

I'll just mention a few things. First, even though this is advertised as having rounded corners and is even shown with rounded corners on some Catholic booksellers sites, the cover itself does not have them. It would be nice if it did, but no, they are square.

The text is bold typeface. A lot of ink was used in producing this. It provides for use in low light and I think cuts down in some of the loss occurring when printing the photocopy of the book. Nevertheless you may notice a few missing letters or half-letters in the book. (the errors are very sparse...) Overall this could pass for re-typset edition if you didn't look too closely.

There is artwork in this diurnal at the beginning of each section. It includes a bunch of extras for priests and laity. Overall, the Diurnale Romanum from PCP is a great budget breviary ($75 as compared to $300) for those comfortable with praying it entirely in Latin. There is no English in the book.

Binding is great. Not stiff in the least. Four ribbons and nice headbands.

Lays flat easily. Sewn hardbacks of good quality will do this.

Some of the artwork.

There is a bit of smudging around the edges. It looks like they may have cut a few corners (no pun intended) on the red dying of the edging.

Sorry of the cell phone picture. My camera battery died. In the front there are "card" pages sewn in with the repeated parts of the office. I like what they did with the Benedictus/Magnificat card. It is on the last page of the card section so it is easy to flip to.

A picture of the how the pages lay open. A little clumping. But this is forgivable.

Not a fan of the font on the spine. This picture shows its overall size. Phone looks good today, doesn't it?

Looks like PCP is temporarily out of stock in this title. You can find it on other sellers' websites. I know Aquinas and More has it, but the price is a little high.


Rich said...

Again, thank you for your time in helping this poor soul find a prayerbook.

Rich said...

I forgot to ask......what's the paper quality like with the DR and the MD? I was a little disappointed with the delicate pages of the Baronius Press 1962 Missal. It was like reading off of tissue paper. I was afraid things would tear.

Matt said...

The paper quality in the MD is identical to the originalBaronius Press Missal. Not the Motu Proprio edition that is a bit taller than its more short and stout predecessor. I like the older edition much more. In fact the MD is identical in almost every way to the BP Missal. The paper, the binding, the edging, and the cover are exactly the same.

Not sure tissue paper is a good comparison for the MD. But it is certainly "Bible paper".

The Diurnale Romanum has sturdier, thicker paper.

sekman said...

These reviews are great. I find myself apprehensive when deciding such pricey books, such reviews are really helpful.

Matt said...


thanks for the comment! Money is tight for a lot of people, myself included. It drives me nuts that most online stores provide so little information about their books. That is why I do this, to help my fellow Catholics out by seeing them and hearing a little about them.

Hope it helps!

F.G.S.A said...

Hello, nice blog,

could you tell me whether this Diurnale contains the Itinerary, Prayers before and after mass, gradual and penitential psalms, and little office of BVM. ? Thank you.

Matt said...

Hello F.G.S.A,

Yes it has all of those. The gradual and penitential psalms are listed with page numbers followed by their prayers, but they are not printed separately. In the appendix there are also more prayers and quite a few blessings (for priestly use) as well. Hope this helps!

God bless,

F.G.S.A said...

Thank you for your kind help. I'm seriously considering to purchase this book... One more thing- If you had to be scathingly critical about it, what would you say?

Matt said...

I don't know if I can be scathing but the thing I would change in a future edition would be a more careful edging on the pages with the red dye. It can appear sloppy in places, especially for a $75 book.

The pointy (sharp) corners are also aesthetically unpleasing.

Other than that I enjoy using this Diurnale. In fact I prayed None with it today.

F.G.S.A said...

Thank you.
Blessed be God for the psalms.

Drew said...

Just curious...does this edition contain the Psalms (only) from Matins, or is there no Matins whatsoever in this Diurnale? (I have seen some editions of the Diurnal include the Matins psalms, including the one-volume LOTH Christian Prayer...just curious about this edition). Thanks!

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