Wednesday, January 06, 2010

News on the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

This comes from the Catholic Bibles Blog: [My comments]

Some additional information about the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament from Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press, in response to some specific questions:

Wide margins, indeed. [WOOOHOO!!]
Mostly the same commentary and notes as the individual NT volumes, but some changes,
revisions, etc. Plus, some new essays. [Sounds like they are really making a go at this one.]
Doctrinal index, [Excellent] concise concordance, [OK, but my iPhone searches for words quicker than I can flip pages] other study helps, including new full-color maps.
OT books slated to begin pub in Fall 2010. We'll see how much faster the OT books will come out--certainly faster than NT. [They can't come quick enough]

Can't wait. This is exciting news.

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