Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ignatius Press New Website

It looks like Ignatius Press has a new website.  The old one was tired and difficult to navigate but the update has helped considerably.  They certainly went for a plain look… 


From the website:


Ignatius Press was the first publisher in the world to have a web site. It was not much more than a list of links to new titles. We launched it in May of 1995. 

Since that time we’ve expanded and improved the site several times. But you’re about to see the results of our first major overhaul. You’ll find it’s more user-friendly, easier to navigate, with more helpful search options. It should also be *faster*! 

And, since we now offer most of our new titles and the best of our backlist in electronic and downloadable audio format, we’ve made them easier to find and download.

But with any big project, there are bound to be a few problems.  We could use your help!

We’ve been testing the site for months now, but we may not have caught all of the bugs yet. If you encounter a pesky bug or error while browsing, ordering, or downloading, please let us know so we can fix it!

Please include as many details as possible when writing up a report of the bug. Send us the details at webhelp@ignatius.com and we’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as we can.

Thanks from all of us here at Ignatius Press!


Here’s the link:




Moonshadow said...

Did the old web site offer videos? Why are they selling movies like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? Of course, I know why: it's a great story.

The redesigned web site is a nice improvement.

Matt said...

Yeah it did. I also get the print catalog and it is filled with videos about saints or other things.

I have a feeling they are trying to be a one-stop-shop for Catholics that are looking to learn and be entertained, and so they attempt to offer secular media that are "decent" viewing. They also offer some secular books.

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