Monday, March 15, 2010

(Preview) Publicans Prayer Book

I just received in the mail a copy of the Publicans Prayer Book published by Sophia Press. This Melkite Greek-Catholic prayerbook is outstanding. I can't wait to show it to you in detail.

Please excuse my quick cell phone picture.



becket said...

Looks nice, but Sophia Press had stop printing the Horologian for whatever reasons, and who knows if it will ever be printed again in the near future. Hence why I stick with reliable Eastern Orthodox publishers. I own the HTM Prayerbook and Jordanville Prayerbook. But that Prayerbook you have does get good reviews from both Orthodox Christians and Byzantine Catholics.

SentimentalGent said...

I'm still hoping that the Horologion will come back. They haven't taken it off the list at the Web site, so it may come back. I just didn't get around to getting it when it was available and then it was out of stock. The prayer book does look nice. May even buy it before the review.

Ben said...

Wow... nice... Definitely on the "to-get" list!

I echo the other two commenters in a desire to see the Horologion brought back!

Ben said...

Link to the book:

Matt said...

My review is forthcoming. Be patient everyone. :-)

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