Monday, October 11, 2010

Remembering the Importance of the Divine Office

I found this in the book “The Divine Office” by Rev. E.J. Quigley (1920)

"At Matins bound;
at Prime reviled;
Condemned to death at Tierce;
Nailed to the Cross at Sext;
at None His blessed Side they pierce.
They take him down at Vesper-tide;
In grave at Compline lay,
Who thenceforth bids His Church observe
The sevenfold hours alway."

And the Latin, which I don't think has quite the same ring to it...

"Matutina ligat
Christum qui crimina purgat,
Prima replet sputis.
Causam dat Tertia mortis.
Sexta cruci nectit.
Latus ejus Non bipertit.
Vespera deponit.
Tumulo completa reponit.
Haec sum septenis
propter quae psallimus horas."

The book doesn’t seem to say who wrote this. I think it is very possible that the Divine Office is not more widely promoted because those bound to say it view it as a burden rather than a blessing to pray, even in its simpler forms.


Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Found it here as well, with a set of hymns to go with each hour.

At matins bound, at Prime reviled
Condemned to death at Terce,
Nailed to the Cross at Sext.
At None His blessed Side they pierced,
They take Him down at Vesper-Tide,
In the grave at Compline lay,
Who henceforth bids His Church observe
These sevenfold hours alway.

The wisdom of the Father, and truth divine beside,
God and man surprised was even at the morning tide:
His known disciples left Him for to follow more:
Sold and betrayed to the Jews they did afflict Him sore.

They our Lord to Pilate led at the hour of prime,
And by witnesses full false accused much of crime,
His hands tied they beat Him with fists in great dispite,
They upon God's face do spit the heaven's grateful light.

At the third hour of the day they crucify Him cry,
In a purple robe clad Him more to mock thereby,
Piteously His head was pricked with the crown of thorn,
To the place of pain His cross was on His shoulders born.

To the Cross Christ nailed was the sixth hour of the day,
And there hanging with two thieves reputed was as they:
Thirsting by torments made with gall they seek to slake:
Mocked was the Lamb while He our guilt on Him did take.

Jesus Lord at the ninth hour His spirit forth did send:
Crying Eli and His soul to Father did commend:
With a lance a soldier did pierce through His tender side:
The earth then trembled and the sun His shining light did hide.

At the hour of eventide Christ from His cross was ta'en,
In whose soul His fortitude did covertly remain.
Such a death vouchsafed to take of life the medicine sound:
Glory's crown alas the while lay groveling on the ground.

When as Compline was come was laid in His tomb,
Christ His body precious the hope of life to come.
Embalmed it was: scriptures thus accomplished we see:
Still this death to have in mind my care O let it be.

Matt said...

Nice Jeffrey! Thanks!

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton