Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iTunes + Truth and Life Audio Bible = BAD

So I went ahead and bought the Truth and Life Audio Bible. Perhaps sometime I'll do a full review. Its really not bad at all and I plan on using it in the car and to read along with for personal meditation.

But when I first went to buy it I figured I would use iTunes because that is where I buy all my audio. So I wanted to give you a word of caution. Under no circumstance should anyone buy this audio Bible on iTunes. Buy the CDs. Why?

22 Hours + 3 Audio Tracks = Unusable.

Thats right, the iTunes download of the full audio Bible is 3 tracks of run-together books and chapters. It is a $31 nightmare of unusable audio.

I complained to Apple and they returned the $31 to my account which was in the form of a gift card. I'm happy with that.

Since then I purchased Truth and Life from Amazon and it came on 18 CDs. This is much better. I'll take the pain of importing each one over the agony of trying to navigate 7 hour single tracks with my thumb and forefinger on my iPhone any day.


Jeff Miller said...

Even though I'm an Apple fanboy I usually go through Amazon myself since if I go through an affiliate that site gets part of the money. So for example I usually use the affiliate link at SQPN to help support them.

Juventutem London said...

I also did this. Please could you give us advice on how do complain? What did you say?

Timothy said...

Agreed! I was going to go through ITunes initially, but ended up purchasing the discs. At least I could pick and choose which NT books I wanted on my IPhone.

Женя said...

thanks for your word of caution..i myself go through amazon as well...it's good that they returned you lost money

Tim B. said...

There is now an iPhone/iPod Touch app available that lets you pick the precise book, chapter and verse. It also scrolls the text along the screen so that you can follow along.

It is a much better implementation than the iTunes music store version which I found to be unusable as well.

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