Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2011 Typhoon Season

We just had a hurricane, but in the Pacific they call them typhoons. These buggers are the reason the Baronius Breviary is being delayed and so I went onto the Information Superhighway to find information about recent typhoon activity.

Given that they mention Typhoons, we can deduce that the books are being printed in Asia somewhere. It looks like Japan, Korea, China, and the Philippines have been hit this season along with some other smaller countries thrown in. India has only gotten tropical depressions.

The region where the printer is has been hit by two typhoons recently. I am thinking, given the path of the storm, that Typhoon Muifa was one of them.

Take a look at this:

Typhoon Muifa (international designation: 1109, JTWC designation: 11W, PAGASA Name: Kabayan) was a large, strong and persistent typhoon that effected multiple countries in the pacific, killing 22 and causing widespread damage worth US$480 million.

That's it? Only $480 Million? Can that be right? Even Gov. Christie said the damage in New Jersey was in the billions. Go look at the path of Muifa.

Muifa is a cool name by the way. Our next hurricane/storm will be called "Jose". The typhoon season is supposed to last until November. Perhaps the breviary will be done in time for Christmas?

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