Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catholic Book Publishing - New Site

Catholic Book Publishing Corp. has a new website.  I point this out because they are one of the most important publishers of Catholic books out there.  True, they lean to the more "mainline" Catholic ethos (rather than the conservative or traditionalist) but they do have some important books and an important history.

The website looks a whole lot more interesting and up to date than the previous one.  It looks a lot easier to use as well.

My advice to CBP is to begin reprinting old editions.  I know their policy is to publish only books approved for use by the USCCB...but they'd do a whole lot of business by reprinting their myriad editions of1962 Missals and other resources.

One of the best old books they came out with was the St. Joseph Continuous Sunday Missal.  For the past couple of years I have used it during the Summer months when my choirs have off.  It is so easy to use when you just want to go to Mass and not have to flip back and forth.

If you want an old St. Joseph's missal you can find them around the internet, on the freebie table at your parish, or used book stores.  They are particularly nice for their larger print.


Rich said...

They'd do fine just to ditch the 70's clipart and replace it with something more traditional. Have you seen the pdf's of the CBP altar missal. Can you say K-U-M-B-A-Y-A?

Moonshadow said...

They may not be my first choice for Catholic books but they're kosher.

I'd been looking to replace/update my copy of their St. Joseph's Liturgical Bible which is a bible consisting only of scriptures read on Sunday. They had told me they would not be publishing a new edition even though it seems an easy thing to put out.

Thanks for the info, Matt.

Sam Urfer said...

There came a moment when I was using their "Catholic Book of Prayers" edited by Maurus Fitzgerald, O.F.M., that I suddenly understood the "Hermenutic of Continuity" Pope Benedict speaks about. Catholic Book Publishing is not a traditionalist or terribly conservative organization, but a time travelling Catholic from 500 years ago picking up many of their books would not be in doubt that they are reading a Catholic book. Though they might wonder at some of the art.

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