Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New Diurnal ordered

I've ordered one of those new Pocket Diurnals.  Apparently it takes almost a month to receive one however.  I plan on reviewing it here.  I have not been so excited for a new breviary since well, the Baronius.

I previously reviewed the larger version, put out some time ago by PCP.  You can read that review and see the photos here.  Since then, my diurnale was put on eBay so that I could save space and purchase other things.  I have regretted it ever since.  The diurnale was amazing and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Now along comes this new pocket edition and while it took me a few weeks, I decided to snag one.  Ordering it was extremely difficult.  So if you are planning to purchase one be ready for frustration.  Barroux's website errored repeatedly and I was forced to resubmit the order.  In the meantime my card was blocked and I received a fraud prevention phone call from the bank.  They were concerned because I was trying to buy something from out of the country.  Eventually I got through the mess and the order was completed.

Hopefully you'll all see the review on this blog when it arrives!  In the meantime, check out Maximus' review here.

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