Monday, March 21, 2005

These Evil People

As I sit here tonight, it is 11:48pm on Sunday night. Tomorrow I have to go to work and deal with all my daily problems and issues that I usually do. So why am I watching C-Span? I'm watching because it is a rare sight to watch pure evil at work. I'm watching because some of our legislature is letting a man kill his wife in cold blood. He is starving her to death.

For years, certain groups have sought to deligitimze life in our society. This goes along with a loss in the belief in a higher power. Over the past 30 years, the left, the courts, and the media have been creating a culture of death. Regardless of what they say, they DO want the issue of life and death to be one of convenience for the living. Throughout the years, the left has promoted, fought, and protested for death in the form of partial-birth abortion, convenience abortion (also known as "choice"), medically assisted suicide, euthenasia, stem cell research, and ignoring mass graves in terrorist dictatorships. And yes, promotion of the death penalty by the right also in my opinion delegitimizes life. I am an anti-death penalty Republican. I only believe in the death penalty for mass murderers, terrorists and genocidal dictators. Basically, people who represent a general danger to the populous no matter where they live - in custody or otherwise. The power of delegitimizing life is one of removal of responsibility to protect life. When you work to delegitimize it, you remove the defined morality. Something also sought by the left.

People have said, let her die and don't force her to live. Who is forcing her to live? Look at how far we have degraded. Life is no curse. ANY life is no curse. Are we to promote suicide for people who no longer want to live? We teach our kids that life is always worth living, and that it is never worth suicide. To what end? Who is to judge quality of life? Not you, and certainly not me.

Are spouses to make the decision? The next of kin? Best friend? Only living relative? Living will? That is subject for debate at a later time. But for now, apparently it is up to the husband of Terry Schiavo. Well I don't think he has that right anymore. Let me tell you why. Somewhere along the line, Terry's husband sued for the malpractice which resulted in his wife's condition. During the suit, apparently he promised to use all the money to rehabilitate Terry. While she was making progress, he decided to stop all treatment. (3 months after the ruling.) Yet he is keeping the money. In the meantime, he met a new woman and has had two kids with her. This happened all while his crippled wife lay in a bed. Much of the time, awake and conscious. He met and slept with another woman while remaining married to his crippled comatose wife. What sort of man is this? 7 years later, Michael Schiavo miraculously remembers a time long ago where Terry told him she wouldn't want to be kept alive artificially. Mind you, she's not on life support. She was only attached to a feeding tube. She is responding to stimulus and people she knows. Her husband and the doctors are saying this is only normal motor reflexes, but they refuse to allow any tests to be done on her. Michael refuses any media to view the stimulus response. He kicked her father out of the hospital room while he was making a recording of her responding to him. (Although a tape has now surfaced.) They won't let the parents even brush her teeth, as to prevent infections. As she starves and thirsts to death, her body will deteriorate. Her lips and tongue will split open, and she will begin to heave. However her heaves will be dry as her stomach shrivels up from a lack of water. The coughing will be continual and bloody. Need I go on? The courts say he can starve her to death. Good for him.

When a horse has an illness, they put a bullet in its brain. When a cat or dog has cancer, they inject it with poison. This is considered humane. But the left-radicals go nuts! They scream animal rights, and that it is cruel. For starving an animal to death, you can go to jail. Many of the people who debated tonight to kill Terry are supported and actively promoted (monetary and otherwise) by those who do not want to afford the same right-to-die to animals as they do humans. What is up with this?! People are not animals. You don't kill them when its inconvenient to take care of them. You don't take them to the doctor and say "Its time to put this old girl down." Evil.

These elected officials and judges along with Michael Schiavo who are trying so hard to promote a culture of death are, in my opinion now in the realm of pure evil. They are allowing this man to kill his wife out of convenience. They are doing it in the name of personal freedom. This is a huge crock. Listen between the lines if you so care to, and hear them speak. They cannot allow her to live if their culture of death is to succeed. We are witnessing a battle between good and evil.

I am not judging anyone else's personal beliefs here. If you believe in leaving a living will in which you do not want to be kept alive artificially, thats fine. If you want to leave it to your loving spouse, and put that in your living will, so be it. I believe you have that right. If you or someone you love has had to make a horrible life of death decision between keeping someone you love on a ventilator, some who is competely braindead, to be removed from assistance, I am not judging you. I feel compassion for you. I am judging the actions of those in congress who want to let this horrible thing happen to this poor crippled woman. I am judging the actions of her estranged husband who cheated on her and left her for dead. I am judging the left's promotion of a culture of death.

Its now 1:21 in the morning, and the congress has finished debating the matter. They have voted to give Terry another shot in the courts. President Bush has just signed the bill now at 1:30am. God bless that man.

I hope and pray for mercy and guidance for all involved, even with those whom I believe are heinously wrong. I believe as long as there is life, there is always hope. Let's hope for the best.
"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton