Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Path Made Straight

In a previous post I noted a curve had come to my well lit path. Sometimes we've got to expect a curve here and there, and especially when we think we can see 5 miles ahead. I certaily did.

In thinking I might have a problem when my priest left on sudden transfer, the opposite has happened. How could the situation get even better and next to perfect for me? Simple, send in a Sinfonian. My new priest who will bring me into the Catholic church (presumably) is a Phi Mu Alpha brother. If this was any other endevour I'd say it was random, but for this occasion it must be divine providence.

We had our first meeting last night and discussed where scripture came from and also tradition and the Church Fathers. These are topics I'm really familiar with but I listened intently to get a feel for his style. Throughout the meeting I really felt it would work out and began to engage conversation with him. His name is Fr. Fischer and he seems very well learned and quite experienced.

Towards the end of the meeting we both realized we were fraternity brothers. For those of you who are not Sinfonians or in another type of fraternal organization, you might not understand. However I can tell you that this is going to make everything just a little more smooth and even more fun and engaging. As a brother there is a level of comfort I immediately have with him that would not be there otherwise.

So for my month of worrying whether or not my process would be held up I would have spent that time better if I had been excited. God knew what he was doing; and although Fr. Magiera was fantastic and is definitely missed, I have been given the Opportunity now to engage my theosis in different way.



Jarred said...

That's crazy...but definetly cool.

Chris said...


Until I saw your confirmation ticket a few days ago I thought that you had already been received into the Catholic Church!! I can't believe I've been mistaken for so long!

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