Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Liberation Theology strikes from the South

I noticed this gem when it came into my email today. I'm not authority on the subject matter, but from the looks of it, these people are no fans of orthodoxy.

From Catholic News Agency:

LIMA, August 16 (CNA) - During a gathering organized by the Conference of Religious Men and Women of Peru--the local branch of the Latin American Confederation of Religious Men and Women--several speakers participating in a Theological seminar launched an attack against the new movements and charisms in the Church.

Hrm....first paragraph makes me think they might be "reform of the reform" types. Makes me think they are against the incense spreading dancers and female ordination...but wait...

The seminar entitled, “Religious Life in the Perspective of the Kingdom,” began on August 14th and featured a host of speakers including Dominican priest Father Gustavo Gutierrez, a renowned proponent of Marxist liberation theology, Marianist priest ! Father Jose Maria Arnaiz of Spain, who has written a book critical of Pope Benedict XVI, and Benedictine priest Father Simon Pedro Arnold, director of the “Institute of Aymaran Studies.”

Ah, here we are. Liberation theology! I'm glad I've never heard of these people before. The very topics of this conference make me want to chew sand-paper.

During his remarks, Father Arnold, a promoter of what he calls the “re-founding of monastic life,” and the “re-founding of the Church,” criticized the new ecclesial movements, as well as Opus Dei, saying the alternative which they propose to the life of the Church is “distorted and erroneous.”

Opus Dei is distorted and erroneous? And what is this re-founding the Church? Christ founded our Church...are you Christ, Father Arnold? You probably are no St. Benedict either, so sit down.

As a response to the crisis in religious life, he proposed “a re-founding of the religious congregations based on a theology of renewed liberation” that incorporates contemporary concerns “such as ecology.”

Yay! Ecology! Will Al Gore be wearing a modified habit now?!

Marianist priest Father Arnaiz echoed the sentiments of Father Arnold, adding that while he admired the new movements for their “vitality,” he argued the “cultural view” they express “is not the answer to the needs of today.” He claimed that the Church needs a “re-founding of religious life” in order to confront the issues of the contemporary world, and he pointed to Father Pedro Arrupe, who was head of the Jesuit order immediately following Vatican II, as an example of the kind of “re-founders” the Church needs.

Oh really? I'll tell you what we don't need...Marxist ideology for starters.

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