Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The past few days there have been news blurbs all over the internet claiming progress between Catholic and Orthodox "top prelates" from their meeting in Serbia. Thats about all we know.

Here's one such article from

Cardinal Kasper sees progress in Orthodox-Catholic talks

Sep. 27 ( - Cardinal Walter Kasper (bio - news) reported a "step forward" in ecumenical relations after a meeting of a joint Catholic-Orthodox committee for theological dialogue.

Cardinal Kasper, the president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, spoke to Vatican Radio on September 27, reporting on the meeting that took place in Belgrade, from September 18 to 24. This was the first full meeting of the joint Catholic-Orthodox theological commission in 6 years.

This is what I can deduce from all the articles I've read:

1. The Catholic-Orthodox talks resumed after some time of hiatus.
2. They spoke in Serbia.
3. Serbia's President was pretty peppy about the event.
4. It was friendly.
5. There was progress.

My question is:

What constitutes progress? If anyone has found a thorough report on the net somewhere please leave a comment and point me to it. Thanks!

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