Thursday, November 30, 2006

Patriarchal thoughts on the Liturgy

The following is a quote from today's Divine Liturgy in Constantinople in which Pope Benedict was in attendance. Patriarch Bartholomew's homily (and Benedict's for that matter) was outstanding. Yes, these are the warm fuzzies of the hopeful unity.

I found this interesting. The Patriarch's homily spoke of Liturgy which sounds an awful lot like Benedict himself. Here is a snippet:

The Liturgy teaches us to broaden our horizon and vision, to speak the language of love and communion, but also to learn that we must be with one another in spite of our differences and even divisions. In its spacious embrace, it includes the whole world, the communion of saints, and all of God's creation. The entire universe becomes "a cosmic liturgy", to recall the teaching of St. Maximus the Confessor. This kind of Liturgy can never grow old or outdated.

(Read the entire text here)

Later tonight on EWTN we'll see B16 celebrate a Mass at the local Latin Rite Cathedral in Constantinople. I wonder how that will go...after seeing Bartholomew celebrate the Divine Liturgy I'm almost embarrassed to have him witness another Novus Ordo. Hopefully, Benedict will celebrate the Tridentine Rite, which is actually seen as more unifying for the Orthodox than our current celebration.

Benedict XVI's Homily
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