Sunday, December 24, 2006

Inxnay on the ativityNay torySay

This morning at mass something perked my ears. Every once in a while something does it so I wasn't that surprised though I was little amused. I love it when my priests talk about heresy. The priest opened with this:

[Quoted loosely, but pretty closely.]
"You know there is a movie out now about the birth of our Lord, the Nativity Story. Please, do not go and see this movie because it is heretical. The movie shows Our Lady in labor pains and has her talking in a crude fashion, which would not have been the case."
He went on another sentence to say it is against our faith to show these things.

This isn't the pastor, but the helper priest that fills in every few Sundays. He's from Germany so he speaks slowly and with a moderate accent. I have to say how much I do like this priest though because his homilies are always about us becoming Saints and he gives nice tips on how to better ourselves daily.

But this comment made me smile because I've heard so many Catholic radio shows encourage us to see it with the understanding that there were a few problematic things, though overall it was a decent telling. The reason I smiled was because as soon as he said "don't go and see this movie because..." , I thought "or because it stinks."

Some people are really enjoying it, but I think its because they are telling themselves to like it. Its either that or they LOVE Hallmark and Lifetime movies, which is about where this one ranks.

For my part, it was "OK". It was way better than Therese` in terms of film quality but not in terms of substance. My tolerance for this sort of thing is up from a year ago, but I'd say this movie is a renter.

Its better to watch one of the many fine "oldies but goodies" in black and white on EWTN this week, then to spend the $10 on a movie ticket. This is all just my opinion. Maybe you loved it and I don't know anything.

Merry Christmas Eve.

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cranky said...

I wonder what oldy but goodie you are referencing. Name three or four good movies other than The Passion and I'll watch.

Isn't Wonderful Life heretical at the end? My experience with "Old Movies" is they are dated in dialog, plot, and so forth.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton