Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FSSP Redecorates a Parish

Coming to us from the New Liturgical Movement...

Apparently this comes in the context of the FSSP, possibly in France, and obviously at a parish that they are guests in. Please watch how they go about turning a typically modern style altar in something reminiscent of the high altars of our tradition. There creativity here is quite something; simple materials are used to very great effect. It indeed demonstrates that with a little creativity, much is possible even in the most temporary of circumstances. Enjoy.

Could this take place at every American parish which chooses to take advantage of the impending (?) Motu Proprio?

La m├ętamorphose d'un autel


J and J said...

C'├ętait vraiement fantastique!! (that was truly fantastic)
We have a parish in our town (not mine for this very reason) that looks like that parish did at the start. They don't even have the tabernacle in the sanctuary, no kneelers or pews. The Eucharist resides in the chapel off to the side. I think this encapsulates everything that is wrong with todays efforts to modernize the Church. It is not that modernization is a bad thing in and of itself, but the trend seems to be to remove Christ and marginalize him off to the side, then only bring him in when we need him, then replace him in the margins.
I can tell from watching that film that those priests love Christ and put him at the centre of whatever they do. The care and respect they show the Eucharist could be used more by many I know, clergy and lay persons alike

Great clip

In Christ Jesus

Travis said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation. From plain, and "protestant-like", to beautiful in no time.

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