Monday, April 30, 2007

Just a Wii bit of frustration

Yesterday two of my friends got a Wii

I just called Wal*Mart about buying a Nintendo Wii. They said they had them in stock but that they were "on tab" or some kind of proprietary terminology. Apparently that means they are not allowed to sell them until next week. (?)

So I asked, "Is there any way I can reserve one or get on a list?"

The Walmart guy replied, "No, you just have to know when we are going to be able to sell them and show up."

I followed up with, "So when are you going to be selling them?"

He answered, "We're not sure. You just have to wait in line for one."

To which I said "but you don't know when you are going to be selling them? Will you be letting anyone know when that is?"

The final answer: "No, you just have to know it. We'll know by next week what day it will be on."

Fantastic. My friend yesterday just walked into a store and they had them in stock, but thats not the case for Matt. There is a huge difference in the way this system is being treated from store to store. It seems that at some retailers its just another item while for others they are precious gems which none may e'er behold, except he tread the path where it might be sold.

. . . .......


Bro Robin said...

Chalk it up to Wal-Mart customer service incompetence.

Jarred said...

Very subtle, Matt. Nice. :)

RB&G. :)

hail bro, wish I could have been there this weekend.

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