Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you were really Pro-Life...

Excuse me, Mr. President. But I am really Pro-Life and I know a lot of other people who are. I don't know one pro-life person who is vengeful or hateful. But I do know a lot of them who are prayerful, calm, but immovable. What you and those in your audience need to understand is that we pro-lifers exactly don't want to put every woman and doctor who has had or has performed an abortion in jail. We recognize that the term "Pro-Choice" is a false name. Most women have abortions because they have no choice. Many women have serious trauma after their abortions, as well they should. Guilt is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is your conscience waking you up. We want it illegal going forward but to embrace those who in the past may have taken part in abortions under the assumption they were moral and legal, and especially those who were forced against their will.

Just a side note. I'm not so sure those protesters did more good than harm. We need to pick our battles wisely.


manny said...

what about the trauma BEFORE the abortion? or the trauma to the mother if she has to carry a child to full term, putting her own life in jeopardy? i'm glad to see that you're taking a somewhat sensible position not wanting to throw everyone in jail -- that doesn't solve the problem. fixing the problem would be to create an environment under which all children can be lovingly brought into the world and then taken care of!! most of these women who have no choice but to get an abortion are already dealing with a world of other problems brought upon them.

believe it or not, women dont go around having wild orgies, get knocked up, and abort children at every possible juncture... women that are in the extremely difficult position of having to terminate a fetus do so because they are left with virtually no other options -- no support to help raise the child, inadequate medical care, inability to deal with the emotional trauma wrought with what the child may mean to them (via rape or otherwise) etc etc.

we may be closer to agreement on this than you think -- i'm pro-life, make no mistake... I'm not pro-death, that is for sure. but i'm also pro-logic... we must do what is right for everyone and sometimes that means abortion.

another thing to consider ----- population control!!!!! our population is wildly out of control, and it's part of the reason why we're raping and destroying the planet. too many people, too few resources. there is no evolutionary need to have such a high population right now, we can sustain ourselves quite nicely with a smaller population and our fantastic new technologies. but i digress.

Matt said...

The trauma before abortion is not to be minimized. Being pro-life means we have to responsible to help people who are worried about caring for babies and doing things like get jobs and support their new families. It is total package mercy. That doesnʼt mean society bears the entire burden. If you have a kid then it is your responsibility to feed them etc. But certainly we can help out with certain things in a just and compassionate society. There are many many many Catholic and other Social Services organizations that do this now. This isnʼt just a Catholic issue though, because abortion effects more than just those attached to the Church.


lvschant said...

I saw this clip you posted on the news and agree with you, Matt. Although this protester must have been well-meaning, I am guessing the message was not well-received.

As for manny's comments. I can see that you are very empathetic to women who choose to abort their children. While I sympathize with the distress they must feel, I still cannot agree that their only choice is to kill their own child, however. I believe they often are unaware of the options to abortion that would be made available to them if they sought them out.

I also am very saddened by what led to the unwanted pregnancies of so many young women. I think that, barring cases of rape (which is involved in statistically only a very small percentage of the abortions in the U.S.), though, that the real cause of so many abortions in our country is a lack of understanding of the harm caused by extramarital sex in all cases.

These women (and the young men as well) are harmed by the act of having extramarital sex regardless of whether it leads to a pregnancy or not. This is something we need to teach our children well.

By properly forming the consciences and giving our children the understanding of the beautiful gift that marital sex is meant to be from God, we can prevent much of the hurt and pain these young couples experience.

Those who take part in the actual performance of the abortions (and often the coercion involved) will have a great deal more to answer for in the long run than the confused and scared young women they victimize, however.

The question of overpopulation is another issue... let's just say that I would have to disagree with your underlying assumptions in that regard.


Janet (vox feminae)

lvschant said...

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