Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go read this: WDTPRS

Doubtless many people who read this already read Fr. Z ... but in case you missed it go and read the below link. I wanted to write something on Black Liberation Theology but I have not the expertise nor time that he does (I am a miniscule worm in comparison). So I'll just say this...

The problem with Obama's pastor is NOT that Obama sat there and listened to his racist crazy nonsense for 20 years, its that he joined a "church" which espoused BLT. Which means one thing: Obama has been spiritually formed by MARXISM. Liberation Theology is Christian Marxism. Actually its a combo sort of with Facism too... but I digress.. That is the danger we should be looking into. The news stations have it all wrong.

From FR.Z: What is Black Liberation Theology? Some Basics.

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