Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make Everyone Happy?

I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't in moving traffic. The other day while on my way to sing in a Welsh Singing Contest at a Protestant Church, I saw a Lutheran Church with two opposing signs out front. They were equal in size and both very large. I shall summarize.

Traditional Liturgy, Music, and Holy Communion
Sundays at 10am

Contemporary Worship, Music, and Eucharist
Sundays 12pm

I think this speaks volumes about how we use our terminology. Church liberals generally use terms like "Sunday Eucharist" instead of "Mass". You would never, I mean never, hear a traditionalist say something like this:

"Father, what time is your Eucharistic Liturgy?"

Its almost like this place is trying to cover all the bases and still have everyone get long. Would that many of our Parishes tried the same thing we'd be in much better shape. My parish for its part does have both the TLM and the Ordinary Mass.

We won the singing contest by the way, for the quartet section, by singing "Ego Sum Panis Vivus" (I am the Bread of Life) by Palestrina.


lvschant said...

a recording of the winning piece?

Moonshadow said...

A rose by any other name? So long as it's white?!

I betcha one thing: the sermon's the same! :-)

The respective times seem appropriate as older people, drawn to the traditional, rise earlier than those preferring contemporary.

I visited a church that reversed the sequence: the 9 AM contemporary service was quite empty at the start. Young adults with small children trickled in over the hour, looking harried. Some elderly couples were there as well, on time yet looking uncomfortable singing praise music.

The 11 AM traditional service was SRO, mostly young families. If I knew the pastor better, I would suggest he switch it 'round.

Matt said...

Sorry, they didn't make recordings! I really wish our choir would record a CD again with me in it. I'll send you a link though where you can buy a copy of our full choir's CD if you want. (sans Matt!)


Actually if they want to follow the "Catholic trend", its better to keep the traditional service with the young families. My TLM parish has a lot of young families, just as an example.

Moonshadow said...

You're right ... my age is showing. :-)

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