Friday, September 12, 2008

Jesus was...

Our Sovreign Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Second Person of the Trinity, Consubstantial with the Father, and King of the Universe was not a “community organizer”.  He certainly did organize a community, a qahal, his ecclesia, rather his Church.  His Church whose primary purpose is not social justice, is not merely community projects, political activism or the like, but to get people to Heaven. 


You see, liberals, Jesus came to save souls, not to promote inner city community organizing as noble as that might be.  But to say that “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor” is really saying this:  Obama is like Jesus, Palin is like Pilate.  That is a losing line.  Obama is NOT Jesus, he may be YOUR Messiah but he is not THE Messiah. 


Although I think Obama’s view of Jesus fits with this line of thought though doesn’t?  He DID attend a ideologically Marxist church community, didn’t he?  Yes, he did.  Remember Rev. Wright?  Liberation theology.  To them, Jesus WAS a “community organizer”. 


Heresies aside, we do not deny our religion properly applied produces and promotes good works.  This much is clear from Scripture and Tradition.  But good works are not the point…

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