Friday, May 22, 2009

XM and EWTN?

I did a search today for EWTN on XM Radio and came up with this...


Yet it doesn't come in on my this part of their online package only?  I've submitted a question to customer care...

I got tired of waiting for their email response so I called.  At first the customer service representative said EWTN is not available.  Then I told them how to find the channel page using the search function on the website.  This is what he said:

"EWTN should be available on XM118"

And I said ...  

"That's what the website is telling me but when I tune my radio to 118 it doesn't come in.  Do I have to do something with my radio?"

He says: "Let me look into this sir..."

30 secs. go by...

"It appears that we do have the channel page and program schedule but it is not in the lineup.  Maybe it was just a temporary channel that was on for a small amount of time." (approx. quote)

uh huh.

It has more than just a channel page, it also appears in the "What's on XM" listings with a full program guide, and it IS available through XM Premium Online Radio.  

Still waiting for the email response...hopefully it will give more detail.


Moonshadow said...

I read this and thought of you:

Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D.C.

Matt said...

I would love to go. I knew it was coming up but I can't make it. Perhaps the North American Martyrs Pilgrimage later on in the year...

Regardless, the local Greek Orthodox Church in Scranton is having their food festival that week and there's no way I missing that again this year! :-)

SuperH said...

This station currently, due to satellite bandwidth limitations, is online only. There are some other stations in this situation.

This station is carried on the Sirius side of the service via satellite.

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