Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Year for Priests upcoming

Its a good thing to have a year for priests. After all that has happened in recent years our priests need a pick-me-up. Promoting vocations is also a necessity. I recently heard that in France, the first daughter of the Church, some priests currently have 20 parishes and mass maybe once a month if they are lucky. That is mission territory.

Of course if you really want (need) to go to Mass in France (and probably daily at that) you can go to any one of a number of these if you are prevented otherwise by a shortage of priests. I can see why the French bishops really dislike the SSPX...because they are everywhere.

Imagine what unity with the SSPX would mean for a country like France.

But I digress. My parish didn't do anything that I am aware of (and I'm pretty aware) for the Year of St. Paul. For my part I did a once over of the his epistles. Hopefully there will be more mention of this special year.

I also want to point everyone in the direction of Fr.Z's fisk of a recent NCR article.

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