Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Premium Calfskin Liber Usualis

I have become a fan of the Bible Design and Binding Blog, which specializes in showing off incredibly bound Bibles with copious pictures. All of the Bibles there are protestant (FYI) but we can learn great lessons as Catholics on how good books, indeed the Good Book, should be bound and covered. When it was time to rebind my, Liber which had a deteriorating hard cover, I knew whose blog sidebar would take me to the proper bindery. Go take a look around at the blog and you will see that as Catholics we are way behind...

There is probably little doubt that this Liber Usualis is now the only one like it. I had it redone in a Premium Calfskin Leather cover with new ribbons. Just take a look.

Gold foil stamping and new ribbons did not cost any extra. The stamping is very well done but the ribbons are a bit extravagant for my tastes. Nonetheless it is a nice job. The book lays flat when opened and will loosen (improve) with time and use. My apologies for the crummy pictures. I had bad light. In the future I may re-shoot them.

The cover feels like butter in the hand. It is a wonder to hold and sing from this now during the Mass. Fine books for fine liturgy.

The flap on the inside cover protects the binding and allows the book to open freely for many years.

This is great craftsmanship. I have two more books waiting to be sent out, a Breviary and a Knox translation Bible. We will be having a much needed conversation about book binding on this blog shortly! I had this bound by McSpadden Bookbindery in Oklahoma. I highly recommend their shop.


Tim A. Troutman said...

I'm jealous.

Matt said...

Don't be too jealous! Covetousness is a sin!

I recommend sending your liber away to McSpadden to remove this occasion of sin. :-)

Elizabeth said...

That is beautiful! Probably wasn't cheap but neither is a new Liber. My well loved (I always kiss it after I pray) "Christian Prayer" breviary is losing its cover. I am pondering whether there is some way I can make a new cover myself out of leather I already own.

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