Wednesday, December 30, 2009

(More) New Editions Coming Soon

I got word today from St. Benedict Press that their First Communion and Confirmation Bibles are coming out soon. They are supposed to be high quality and beautiful like the ones we recently saw. Also coming are their new line of NAB Bibles with the same bindings as their RSV and Douay-Rheims editions.

In addition to that, a new printing of the Rule of St. Benedict with their Ultrasoft material over a hard cover. It should be pretty nice.


Rich said...

Someone give us a pocket DR with a zipper, please. 4X6", leather cover, dual columned pages, with a built in zipper so the pages don't get bent up. Call it a pocket bible.

They don't exist right now in the DR version. Why not? Ignatius made one for the RSV, and it got high ratings on Amazon.

Matt said...

Hi Rich, I have the Ignatius compact with zipper. It is nice but I'm afraid the binding is falling apart. I got it in early 2007.

It is a strange edition because in reality, it was put out by Oxford but they slapped "Ignatius" on the spine. Apparently something was worked out.

A Douay with a zipper would be good addition. Baronius improved their small edition with the later printings. You can always put that inside of a zipper case.

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