Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You are in the right place, bear with me.

For a long time now I have desired to widen the page of this blog. For one, it will allow larger photos for book reviews but it will also make reading easier on the eyes. After all, if I am going to discuss typesetting on this blog I had better practice what I preach. Also, it is time for header change. I like the idea of a New Catholic Renaissance, but I am not sure if I like the look of everything here yet.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. Blogger/Google keeps crippling my higher resolution image in the header to a bunch of low resolution smudges, so I am working on that. Hopefully this freshens things up a bit.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look! Gets me thinking maybe I should do the same.

bensbroussard said...

Very nice new design, Matt. I'm putting this herre as I don't really know where else to put it.

I have one request, although there is absolutely no rush for it. You mentioned in a previous post about adding ribbons to books, that you were taught by an Orthodox priest. If you could offer a post demonstrating this, or direct to where instructions can be found, that would be phenomenal. If you could do it with the Parish Book of Chant specifically, you would forever endear yourself to your fellow chanters throughout the country.

Hoping that's not too much to ask, and definitely no rush on the matter. Many thanks for the consideration, and a most blessed new year to you!

In Jesu per Mariam,

Matt said...

Hi Ben,

What a great idea. Gimme a day or so and I'll see what I can come up with!

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton