Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Despise January

My tree and Nativity scenes are still up. Are yours?

I have always hated January since I was a kid. January is the month after Christmas and everyone is either angry or depressed - society that is. It gets this way because the celebrating is over. Everyone is inwardly grumpy. Its cold, its snowy, and can even be dangerous.

So why not continue celebrating for a little while longer? It was cold and snowy 3 weeks ago when you were, yet we were all joyful.

But have you ever heard or said any of these things:

"I can't wait for the holidays to just be OVER!"

"My neighbor leaves his Christmas decorations up just a little too long..."

"The day after New Year's is when the tree is on the curb."

"I am so sick of Christmas Carols."

"I hate the snow."

Do you find yourself agreeing with the weather man every night on the 6 or 11 o'clock news that high temperatures during winter are a good thing? Are you glad when the snow misses us every time? Shame on you. Where is the fun in that?

The other day before Mass at my OF parish, Father said "Well Matthew we're now in Ordinary Time." I hate Ordinary Time. But I responded nicely, "Yes Father. You know I always get a little depressed when we go back to Ordinary Time. But then it gets worse because Lent is just a few weeks away." He agreed. At least in the old calendar we work our way into Lent through our Pre-Lenten weeks of Septua- Sexi- and Quinquagesima Sundays.

January stinks because of the people who drag everyone down.

At least at my parish the decorations are still up until February 2nd, which is when the traditional Christmas Cycle ends.

Eat that with a cup of cheer, grinches.

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Moonshadow said...

I don't hate the little bit of Ordinary Time that we have between Christmas and Lent. However, the larger chunk, after Corpus Christi, during the dog days of summer, get monotonous. The only bright spot then is the Assumption.

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