Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Catholic Bible Dictionary

I just received my order from Amazon of Scott Hahn's Catholic Bible Dictionary. So far I'm very impressed.

Mini Review
The Catholic Bible Dictionary seems very complete, theologically sound, and well laid out. I am really glad I purchased this book. I read several of the articles already even though it is the middle of the work day. The article on the inerrancy of Scripture was relatively impressive. He managed to defend Dei Verbum against the liberal-modernist interpretation which believes the document promulgated a limited understanding that the Bible is only inerrant when it talks about things having to do with salvation but not history. His article also shuts down the "fundamentalist" argument that Dei Verbum is a modernist document. There isn't anything especially new in what he says, but the Dictionary provides the content in an easy to use format.

The entry on English versions of the Bible doesn't give much credence to the Challoner version's current popularity however, and only says it was "known by Catholics well into the twentieth century."

... and into the 21st ...

The Challoner version of course is still available everywhere and read and enjoyed by many Catholics today. Taken in one sense, Scott Hahn is correct, the Challoner version lost favor in the mid twentieth century but has since regained steam. As to the future...time will tell. For it to survive I am convinced we need it in an updated text layout.

1. The reason is that,
2. while at one time popular, and many times useful
3. especially for scripture proof-texting and playing scripture hockey with Protestants or Jehovah's Witnesses
4. who knock at your door,
5. verse-by-verse formatting is not a great way to read Sacred Scripture.
6. But that is another post entirely.

Nevertheless, one tail end of a sentence doesn't ruin the whole thing. I can't wait to really spend more time with it.

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