Thursday, April 15, 2010

Non-Review: The Horologion (2 Edition) - Sophia Press

I dare not review this title, due to my general ignorance of the Eastern Divine Office. My review would be embarrassing and sometimes its best not to say anything. But I wanted to show at least the physicals of this beautiful book to you. This is the second edition. I used the first edition in a Melkite monastery once, and this one is of superior quality.

The Horologion (Sophia Press)

The cover isn't limp but it is sturdy and flexible.

Lays flat relatively well. Though as an Office book I don't see the need for it to do so. This is a sewn binding.

Strangely, the ribbons are clumped together. It is the same with the Publican's Prayer Book.

The spine of this beautiful book. In this photo you can really see how nice and thick the leather cover is. This cover feels the same as the Publican's Prayer Book. I'm not sure if it is a type of bonded or genuine leather. Still - its wonderful. Publishers should take note of this cover and copy it to the best of their ability.

An example of the modest but well done artwork in the Horologion.

The typesetting is excellent, and the wider margins with large text are extremely easy on the eyes.

Buy it from Sophia Press here.


Christian said...

WOW, as a Bi-ritual Layman, I really appreciate this review! I've been thnking about getting one of these but never really started to look. Talk about timely, SOLD!

Matt said...

Hi Christian - Comments like yours are the reason I do book reviews.

I'd be interested to read your comments once you get your copy. Don't be put off by the mail-order system of Sophia Press. I sent them a money order and received the book within a week. It was incredibly fast.

sam kim said...

Looks stunning. Once again, I just wished they used traditional language. I really enjoy the pictures you post with your reviews btw.

Anonymous said...

hi Matt,

do you still happen to have this book? I was wondering if there is a need for priests; i'll be praying alone.

DO you happen to know if any Eastern books contain something like Matins/Office of Readings? Does this book have something like that?

thank you.

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