Thursday, April 08, 2010

Review: Rule of St. Benedict from St. Benedict Press

Last week I received several titles in the mail for review. One of them was the new edition of the Rule of St. Benedict from St. Benedict Press. The book itself is very straightforward. This is a simple text edition of the Rule. I have a small booklet edition of the "1980 Rule" and this edition is superior.

The scripture quotes are taken from the New American Bible. The text is large print and easy to read.

Technically, the book does lay flat. (I know, a knee slapper right?) The Rule is a small devotional book and it fits nicely into a bag or a large pocket.

The real gem on this little book is the cover. It is extremely pleasant to the touch. St. Benedict Press has used the same material from the "Ultrasoft" Bible editions and put it over semi-flexible boards. This makes for a great cover and I would frankly like to see this application on many other titles. Prayerbooks, Missals, Bibles, and even regular books would benefit greatly from this treatment. Hopefully we'll see it in the future again.

I stylized this photo a bit in iPhoto but its here so you can see the size. Underneath the Rule is the Ultrasoft RSV from St. Benedict Press.

The Rule of St. Benedict in Premium Ultrasoft.
The Rule of St. Benedict is available in paperback also.

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