Friday, May 14, 2010

Donations it is then.

The vote is in and it seems only three of you are opposed to donating. I received some notes by email that others are interested in donating who may have not voted. So then what I'll do is put up a PayPal button soon so you can donate a couple bucks if you want. This money will go solely for the upcoming Latin-English 1962 Breviary. The money goal will be $300.

I am basing this goal only on the fact that two other recent breviaries (Latin only) have been approximately that price. Nobody has given me any information on pricing or release dates and I don't want anyone to think they have.

If for some reason we come way short of the goal and I still cannot afford the new breviary or for some reason it never gets released then we'll have a poll for a different book to purchase and review OR we'll give it to a solid Catholic charity.


  • Will contain no less than 25 high quality photographs.
  • Will be at least 700 words.
  • Will list the best features of the new Breviary.
  • Will list the things we would like to have been done better.

UPDATE FRIDAY 4:21PM - We have our first donation! Huzzah! Btw, check out the "Book Review" page at the top of the website for an updated list of reviews and some other information.

I realize some of you receive this by email. The link for the review page is here:


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Matt said...

Note to all:

If you are going to share a link here, make sure it doesn't contain any naughty pictures once you click on it. Even if the main content is good...I can't have people led astray from my blog.

Sorry everyone, just the way it's gotta be.

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