Friday, May 28, 2010

New Ignatius Study Bible!

I just recieved my new Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament in
the mail from Amazon. I ordered the hardcover edition.

In a word: Wonderful.

Pictures forthcoming.


Marquis said...

I am very interested. I plan to buy a copy, but am waiting. Sometimes Ignatius has problems with quality control.

Kristen J said...

You received your copy from Amazon already?! I'm jealous (in a non-sinful way, of course!) -- mine was shipped two days ago, but the wagon you mention in your other post always takes several extra days to wend its way through the grapevines and orchards of Central California to my house... Patience is overrated! :)

Matt said...

I just put up my review of the new study Bible. Check it out!

Kristen - I'm sorry it takes longer for the wagons to reach your place. I hate the wagons!

Victoria said...

Sometimes Ignatius has problems with quality control.

I have many books from Ignatius and have never had a problem with quality. Tan Books, on the other hand, is another matter most of the books I have purchased from them have fallen apart.

Marquis said...

My wife surprised me with a copy of the paperback version. I am very pleased. I recommend it to everyone. Christmas gifts this year are going be so easy.

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