Thursday, June 03, 2010

New RSV-CE Reference Bible Coming Soon!

I heard some news today. A new RSV-CE reference Bible will be coming this fall. It will have commentary, maps, pictures, a topical index, is associated with Catholic Scripture Study International and will be published by St. Benedict Press.

This is the whole Bible, not just the New Testament. Its not quite a study Bible but much more than a text edition. I understand this is meant to be used in the context of Bible studies or just for regular home use. It will, unlike the ICSB, have ribbons.

The motto of CSSI is "Tradition - Scripture - Magisterium" so that should make for a welcome new edition.

Hopefully more information will be coming soon.


Timothy said...

Very interesting Matt! Are you hearing this from St. Benedict Press directly?

Christian said...

Are you going to review the ICSB?

Matt said...

Christian - I already did!
Here you go:
ICSB Review

Robert said...


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Diakonos said...

Who will be providing the commentary?

Kenneth Massey said...

For more info On CSS Bible:

•Soft Leather cover (Black) with CSS logo embossed in gold in center
•Gold edged pages
•3 ribbons
•Words of Jesus in red print
•Large print for easy reading
•Flexible and lays flat when opened for easier reading and study
•Summary notes at the end of each Testament
•Beautiful pictures
•Old Testament events map
•New Testament events map
•24-page Topical Index
•24 pages of "Faith Facts" articles
•Apologetics section (Bible Cheat sheet as seen on EWTN)- 10 pages
•Scripture readings for Mass
•All supplemental pages are in color and on glossy paper

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton