Thursday, October 28, 2010

Music Update

I have entered an extremely busy couple of days.

Tomorrow I have a classes and a sung Requiem Mass. I have schola rehearsal in the evening. Then Saturday I will be gone all day to the Fr. Corapi event in New Jersey. Sunday I have two sung Masses for Christ the King, a procession afterwards, and then a schola rehearsal for All Saints the day after. On Monday I have two solemn high Masses for All Saints. Tuesday I have a sung Requiem Mass for All Souls with a procession afterwards (singing throughout) and then another Solemn High Mass Requiem in the evening at my parish which my students are also coming to sing at - so we have to transport them there.

That is 7 High Masses and 2 Processions in in 5 days!

And tonight I am blogging late because I had to update some SSL certificates on our server. My life is a bit hectic at the moment.

Very busy. Very rewarding. Come Wednesday I will be exhausted.

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Moonshadow said...

Two of my girlfriends are going to see Fr. Corapi on Saturday. I hope it's a good show.

Sounds busy. Do you think the NO calendar "relocated" Christ the King to spread out the holy days a bit? I guess I'll see on Sunday whether Monday is a holy day of obligation. I'll have trouble getting to mass if it is, due to kids' school schedules and parent/teacher conferences.

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