Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Reading: Lord of the World

I just finished the Lord of the World. Wow, what an incredible book. I was glued to the Kindle clicking through the pages at break-neck speed and soaking up all the dystopia goodness I could. If you want some Advent reading this is it.

Msgr. Benson did an excellent job predicting the future and course the world would take in the hundred years after he wrote. Its kind of frightening in a way all of the things that have come true (or are slowly coming true). Euthanasia is not quite as culturally acceptable as he predicted but it might be getting there.

It was just an enjoyable a read for me as The Man Who Was Thursday which quickly became a personal favorite. At some point I'll get to Come Rack! Come Rope! but not until after the Holidays. In the meantime I am in the middle of Death Panels.

Lord of the World from Baronius Press
Lord of the World Kindle Edition

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