Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Registered for Colloquium XXI

Well I just dropped what I consider to be a ton of money in order to register for the Sacred Music Colloquium. (and I only paid roughly half the cost!) But it is certainly justified. There simply is no other place, no other way, to gain the experience of being surrounded by this many fellow musicians dedicated to true sacred music that to attend this event. You not only learn from the instructors but also from the attendees. The presenter talks are fantastic and so are the ensembles.

I am extremely happy that it is once again in Pittsburgh because it allows me to drive there rather than fly. Flying would probably add a considerable amount to the cost.

I just hope they keep the air conditioning on in the Church of the Epiphany this year. Unless they are going to bring professional recording equipment I'd rather not suffer through the heat.

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