Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TLM adherents ... Don't fret. Act!

I have seen some chatter today regarding the upcoming instruction from the Holy See on Summorum Pontificum. Some are saying that the new document will hurt the freedom of the Tradtional Latin Mass.

Let's be honest. The TLM has enjoyed some more freedom over the past 3 years but in many places that has been squashed by those who are opposed to it. May God have mercy on them. Seriously.

Some of us, but not me, who are traddies will be already upset at the mere mention that the freedoms (which in some places are just on paper) may be quelled. They will write on forums with newfound anger and righteous indignation without having seen even a sentence from the new document.

Surely we should pray. Pray and fast, as Fr. Z has suggested. But keep in mind that there are practical things you can do right now in your diocese to protect and grow the Latin Mass. Even if the document is favorable to us these suggestions will help grow the community.

The TLM will never be truly "free" unless the following things happen:
  • The groups of adherents (world wide) are so large that they cannot be ignored. There is a reason nobody will touch the charismatic movement. Evangelize.
  • TLM communities actively participate in the life of their diocese, to the extent they feel they can.
  • TLM adherents gain employment in their chanceries. Apply.
  • TLM communities do their best to break down barriers, socially, with Novus Ordo parishes. (when possible, avoiding scandal)
  • TLM groups donate enough money to their dioceses that it would be missed if taken away.

...just some suggestions. This week my parish Knights of Columbus is having an event for people in the diocese to come and learn more about the traditional Latin Mass. We've got almost 100 people coming now and its quite thrilling. Say a prayer for us!


Mark of the Vineyard said...

Where I live, the "traddies" can't even get their act together. They prefer to be at war with one another than band together...

PaXCarmeL said...

Matt, I love this post! You're exactly right.. now is the time to pray and act, remembering that it is GOD who controls this situation and who is very much invested in the question of HOW He is to be worshipped. Therefore, let us-- as St Padre Pio has said-- "pray, hope, and don't worry."
Bless you!

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton