Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New hand Missals available in September

I saw this on the Catholic Company today. You can pre-order a revised novus ordo hand missal and it will come in September. The price is $74.95. The website won't let me show you a picture here because it is copyrighted. Its ridiculous. Here is the link: Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

In other news - I heard from someone *who definitely knows* that any new English edition of the Liturgy of the Hours is a long way off. In other words, don't hold your breath. If you want a more traditional Divine Office hopefully Baronius will come through for us shortly. There is also the African edition too.


Robert said...

Thrills!. I'm starting to attend a Greek Catholic Church now. Greek Catholics as well as Roman Rite Catholics who follow the Extraordinary Form don't use "copyrighted" texts. The Divine Liturgies as well as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass before Vatican 2 are not "copyrighted" they belong to all, not to an organization, like Apple, who keeps things secret and threatens to sue people if they show something that isn't released. Hence why I won't comment my feelings on the OF of the Roman Rite. I agree with you Matt!. Childish and ridiculous.

Moonshadow said...

Thanks for the link.

~ 2500 pages?! I'm really thinking of going back to two vols. for daily, as tricky as that can be.

(PS: I don't think copyrighting translations are ridiculous - it's somebody's work/labor.)

Matt said...

At the Sacred Music Colloquium last week, Msgr. Wadsworth, the head of ICEL, told us that the proceeds from copyright royalties allowed the commission to purchase new copies of the Liturgy of the Hours for all the priests in an entire African country. I don't think he named which one. Perhaps Kenya, since they just released their new version last year.

We were all pretty impressed with what did with their "profits". The CMAA is pretty much a royalty-free zone, but sometimes I think it is quite justified.

Matt said...

My comment about the ridiculousness was in reference to the picture of the book I wanted to show you. I couldn't because of their stupid policy...they won't even let you promote their business it seems.

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