Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazing 1957 Breviarium Romanum Find

Remember my post "They don't make em like they used to: Breviary Edition" ?

Well here is the real deal. Last week I was looking around my parish's book table, which is being prepared to be added to our library, and I found this: immaculate, near mint condition of the 1958 edition that I own. (Actually, this one is a little higher end) It is as amazing as I would have expected. The art gilt pages are amazing, the pages are flawless, the ribbons perfect. It came complete with cards.

This set was probably never used. Certainly two out of the four weren't.

Notice how the ribbons are still stuck to the inside? Its almost like I unboxed them for the first time.

This is a close up of real art-gilt pages. (Red-under-gold) It is a true stamp of fine publishing. Sadly, this is a rarity nowadays...unless you are a high end protestant Bible publisher. The waviness you see here is because the pages haven't been flipped through yet. They are stuck together from the gilding.

The leather is nice and soft to the touch. The only flaw I could see is a little scuffing on the gilt edges.

I sold these on eBay in less that 5 hours for $275.00 to raise money for my parish. Not bad!


Mark of the Vineyard said...

I was recently gifted two Dominican breviaries. Nice addition to my library of liturgical books. I'm still trying to find out if they're different or not. Perhaps I can take a picture and you might help me figure out the differences?

Matt said...

Sure, I'd be happy to take a look.

bgeorge77 said...

Oh, and a bit more about that LoTH/Benedictine thing I sent a link about, you can preview it in depth here:

Odd book.

Mark of the Vineyard said...

HEre are the links to the photos:

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