Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Pocket Bible Ever: Confraternity NT

The Confraternity Bible is my favorite translation and has been for some time. It is traditional, accessible, and comes with limited faithful commentary. The pocket New Testament and I spend a lot of time together and this is my second copy. The first lasted several tough years of abuse and would still be used today if the washing machine didn't win out in the end.

The pocket New Testament is published by Scepter Publishers, the publishing arm of Opus Dei. It measures roughly 3x5" and fits perfectly in your back pocket. The cover is blue vinyl and has one black ribbon. This thing is tough as nails, will stand nearly any abuse you give it, and only costs around $10.

The page layout is single column with bold print. The font is small but because it has a heavy weight it reads well. It contains a daily reading plan that will take you through the New Testament twice in a year. This is a long way from being chained to the Bishop's desk and should satisfy those who wish we had more weekday readings for Mass in the traditional rite. (Yes I am kidding!) Additionally it comes with all of the standard Confraternity book introductions, excerpts from Divinu Affantu Spiritu by Pope Pius XII, and a preface. It even has a map of Palestine in the time of Christ.

The binding is sewn which adds to the durability. One of the best things about this is that even after continually sitting on it, the book never seems to lose its shape. Its still not bent. My first copy lost its shape after being dunked a sink full of water. But it was still usable and recovered nicely.



Rich said...

I use the Baronius Press Pocket New Testament and enjoy it, too.

Are there any good pocket Bibles out there that have old and new testaments? I was going to go ahead with the Baronius Press one if I couldn't find a better version.

Matt said...

The main flaw with the Baronius edition is the minuscule font. The cover isn't particularly attractive either.

I have one of the older editions of the pocket Bible by Baronius with the OT. It is boxy. I believe the newer copies are much more flexible and nicer. You may like it.

The best pocket Catholic Bible with OT I have is the Ignatius/Oxford Rsv with Zipper. I am actually preparing to show it here. Maybe thy is a good project for today...

dk pintar said...

Just to say I've found your older reviews of great help--and the link for the bindery looks vwery promising!



Rich said...

I bought one of these on your recommendation. The close up photos helped me decide that I'd rather not lose my visual acuity squinting at the small text in my Baronius NT Pocket edition anymore.

The shipping from Scepter is as much as the book, though! sheesh.

Matt said...

Then I hope it is twice as good as you thought it would be. I bought mine from btw.

Perhaps I should've added that link, but it slipped my mind. Sorry!

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