Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amazing Bible Binding Video

This is an excellent Bible binding video put together by one of the nicest Bible producers out there.  They are King James only, and so while I am certainly not endorsing that, it is really something to see this happen and learn to appreciate the care put into each Bible.

So who among us Catholics binds Bibles, breviaries, or other books like this?  Pretty much nobody.  Notice the quality gilt edging.  Most companies spray their edges on.  This is a small non-profit company that does this as a ministry, which accounts for the care put in.  It is said that you can put these Bibles up against anything from Cambridge or R.L. Allen.

Its really a shame that to my knowledge, we have nothing like this in the Church.


Moonshadow said...

Can't think of a better job to have than making Bibles.

The 1611 replica edition looks interesting but it's not theirs (it's Hendrickson). If I were buying (but I'm not) I'd get the mid size red letter.

Matt said...

I know, what a great job to have, right?

I believe all of their editions (except maybe the 400th Anniversary) are text blocks from other publishers. They are most out of print Cambridge editions. I have a pocket NT Psalms and Proverbs on order, which I may show off here.

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