Monday, April 03, 2006

Relaxing Weekend, Goin it alone, Pope anniversary, and a Seven Samurai Movie Review

Hello everyone, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening! Its Monday and I'm now "recovering" from a great relaxing weekend. I hope all of your weekends were just as nice as mine.

Its been a long time since I've been inspired to take my extended walk on my road. The weather has just been too cold. I'd start on the second leg of the walk and just wouldn't be into it. That had seriously put a cramp in my ability to move ahead with my workout, and made it become stagnant. But the past several days have been so great that all I wanted to do was just be outside. So why not walk double? Well thats exactly what I did. I even found some new podcasts to listen to for the journey. You know, I feel so much better when I am more active. It would be a good thing for everyone to exercise a little the next time boredom sets in. Summer's coming, and its time to shed a few more pounds.

Just yesterday, we marked the first anniversary of Pope John Paul the Great's death. His end of this life was a beginning for me. I will forever remember the date, April 2nd, because it is the first time I set foot back into the Catholic Church since I played mass in high school. Last year, my friend Chrissy and I went to St. Peter's Cathedral in Scranton for a Bach festival organ concert. At the time, I was reading quite a bit of theology but wasn't completely sold on the Church. I believe the death of John Paul II changed that for me. I'm glad I was able to go to that concert that day, it must have been for a reason.

Which brings me to my next topic. This Sunday I wasn't able to go to the Latin mass yet again. It was daylight savings time change as we all know and undoubtably all suffered just a little. My phone rang, and it was Laura having to cancel the Latin mass and suggest a later Novus Ordo (normal) mass. She was apologetic, but missed the time change and would not be able to make it. I agreed of course, and I am not mad at all. Dissapointed yes, but not upset with her. That does though make me realize that in all of this searching, I can't depend on others to get me in the right pew. If I feel connected to a certain parish, I can't wait for someone to go with me - however more comfortable I may feel. I just need to go, and will not let anything like this stop me in the future. I enjoy the new mass, but I do not feel connected to it the same way that I do the Tridentine Latin Mass, or even the Byzantine. I am resolving to do what it takes in the future to find where I belong. I in no way mean that I don't appreciate going with Laura or others to mass. I absolutely love being with a friend in church. I sincerely hope I'll always have someone go with me, but I cannot let it hold me up if I find a place I love.

And now for a less serious note...

I have seen about 85% of the Seven Samurai while I type this. The movie is absolutely amazing. Directed by Kurosawa in 1954, the film was ahead of its time. It is still modelled today in action and dramas. The acting is off the charts. The writing is on par if not above our epics today, and the filming itself is stunningly beautiful. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves films in general and has not seen it. Also anyone who like movies such as the Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, or any other 3 hour epic, needs to see this masterpiece of cinema. Literally, this is in the top 5 best movies of all time. If you are a film buff and you have not seen this movie, then you are not a film buff at all. That would be like a musician never having heard Handel's Messiah.

Alrighty, well that wraps up this entry for me. I hope everyone has a great day and gets a chance to update their own blog today. I like reading as much as writing. Even if you don't think what you are up to is interesting, there is someone who will think so. Whatever's in your head at the moment will do just fine.

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