Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When too soon is too late.

The other day, it was all over the news that the movie United Flight 93 would be coming out this year. Just about every one of the stories asked the question, "But is this too soon?" Then followed a bevy of experts, 9/11 witnesses, congressmen, senators, and victims' family members.

Its understandable that for some, images of that horrific day are difficult to look at. With only 4.5 years between us and those events there may be still a few people left who are sensitive to them. But honestly, for most of us, I think we need a little reminder.

Here's what I remember. Early that morning, I was laying in bed. You know how it is, you are sort of awake, but sort of not. It was a little before 9 and it seemed like it was going to be a nice enough day. My car had been crapping out on me and it was time to start thinking of getting a new one. The phone rang, it was our friend Wendy.

"Oh my God, Matt, turn on the TV - a plane just hit the World Trade Center."

"What?" I was a bit confused. "Just turn it on, now," she said.

I turned it on, "Holy Shit!" It looked like an accident. I immediately went upstairs and woke Chris up. I said "Get out of bed, a plane hit the World Trade Center." After a little grumbling he jumped out of bed and came downstairs. We sat there staring at the TV. Probably both of us thought it was an accident. But then we saw a plane fly into the second tower.

I don't think it took a split second to realize this wasn't a fluke or an accident. And in those few moments everything changed. We were all of a sudden united against a common enemy. Not only America, but those around the world who besides the regular political garbage really do love the American people and yearn for our freedoms and way of life.

In the months to come, America was to speak with one voice. We figured out what happened and took action. We didn't take action September 12th, but we took our time and did it right. A month of preparation, planning, and intelligence gathering meticulously took place while we recovered from our darkest hour in 60 years.

Do you remember that time? Do you remember what it was like? I do. I refuse to forget - and so should you. The politics today are vile. Some are even trying to reprimand the President for doing what they accused him and his predescessor of not doing. I'm talking about the surveillance program. Some are using this against him, and even suggest censure or impeachment. Are you freaking KIDDING ME? LOOK AT THIS ------>

This is why I ask, "Is it too late?" Is it too late that these movies are coming out? Has America so soured itself with our despicable media coverage that it is completely turned off to the actual and real dangers that are out there? I'm not fear mongering here. This is real shit.

The truth is that our leaders are freaking out with the coming elections - both parties - and its time we got some real perspective. Its time we actually went to the history books and read what happens when the good guys give in to their own fears and doubts. Do you know what happens? Look it up.

It is time my friends. Its time we helped our country get back to understanding that we need to irradicate our enemies and not cuddle up to them. If they give in to us peacefully, all the better. I would prefer that. Diplomacy is best, and war is last.

That includes the war in Iraq. We need to prevail, we need to succeed, and we need to wipe out the terrorist bastards who won't sit at the grown up table. The nightly broadcast news from the networks is abissmal. What we need is good old WWII style news reels. Propaganda is a good thing when used for Good. And just a reminder: We are the good guys.

Thats why I think these new movies are a good thing. We need good films to bring us back to square one. Without regard to political parties or ideologies, they are important. On that awful day I was no longer just a Republican, or my friends just Democrats. We were all united. We were Americans - and we stood together.

Lets not surrender together.

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