Tuesday, May 02, 2006

United 93 Review, Philly Zoo, Talking in Church, Decision Time, and some Crazy Ass birds

This past weekend I went back down to West Chester and Delaware to visit and also for the annual Phi Mu Alpha alumni picnic softball game. Friday night when I got there, Katie and I went to an amazing seafood restaurant. You may have heard of it, its called "Red Lobster". ;-) Afterwards, we went to see United 93.

United 93 Review
United 93 is probably the best picture of the year. It was stunning in its representation of 9/11. You could really feel the plane dipping and diving - and the entire film was just teaming with accuracy, emotion, and realism. It is definitely not entertaining, but surprisingly uplifting. This is a story of great American heroism. With today's media lambasting our nation at every chance they get, we all need a good dose of medicine to innoculate us again from their hatred. This movie is that vaccine. Like I said in a previous post, it is certainly not too soon to release this film. If not now, then when? See this movie. Review: A+

Philly Zoo Side Trip
Saturday, we got up and went to the Philly Zoo! The day was beautiful, and the temperature was perfect. We had a real moment with the gorillas too, especially the big silver back. He came right up to the glass nad stared at us. It was really neat. My favorite is always the small primates and the reptiles. Unfortunaly though, my camera phone didn't perform too well in the low light conditions, or I'd have some pictures of them.

Whoa OK, so this post has been on hold for quite a few days. And since then, not that much has happened, but I keep thinking of things I want to put down here. Now that I am actually writing, they aren't coming to mind. I figure its a good time as any to actually post something though.

Ok, so where was I...

Crapping out the mouth.
This past Sunday while in West Chester, I went back to St. Agnes parish. While walking up to the church, I saw a procession of children being led by two women. All the girls looked like they were in little wedding dresses and the boys all looked like groomsmen. It was first communion day. I quickly realized that being just five minutes early was going to be too late. The only pews empty were the last couple, otherwise this large church was completely full. When I looked around, I noticed that the people in my immediate vicinity were all hispanic. Honestly, I was thrilled. Most hispanic people who attend regular mass are really devout. I was very happy to be around those people who would attentively and solemly pray instead of the people who just come to church for their kids' benefit. (Not that those are the only people who go by any means!) The pew in front of me was empty too, and just before mass started, a young couple came in and sat down. They mouthed a few words to each other and then mass began. Mass began, but they didn't stop. They talked the entire way through the service! I was seriously irritated, but I kept reminding myself how unperfect I am myself. The worst part though was that they laughed at the consecration. >:-

The spaniards around me were pretty annoyed. I think since I was closest, they expected me to say something. At least they looked at me like I should. Instead, I just sat there. At the passing of the peace I decided to just give them a good smile and a hearty "peace be with you." They received communion and promptly left after seeing that half the church had emptied post-eucharist.

Why do some Catholics do that? In the Latin Mass, the priest actually says "Ite misse est". That means "you are dismissed", and its where we get the word "Mass" from. But in the new mass, that translation isn't til th end. So who knows. I find it a little disrespectful though. I've created an image I think should go over every door in the back of every Catholic parish. Here it is.

So anyway, otherwise it was a very nice mass. It is an unfornate occurence when people who don't really want to come do so only for the benefit of someone's niece or nephew and then pretty much crap out their mouth the entire time.

Decision Time

Here at home, I think its time to finally commit to just one parish. I don't know if its the one I'll ultimately join, but I need to just settle down. I'll be attending the Latin Mass at St. Michael's and not the Byzantine Divine Liturgy. Its a tough decision, because I'm in love with both liturgies, and because they are both equally great places. But, I've got my 1962 latin missal ready to go for Sunday - full speed ahead.

Crazy Freaking Birds out my window(s).

The birds around my house have all gone crazy. I feel like I'm in that old black and white Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds". There is constant pecking at my windows - all of them - from sunrise to sunset. Incessant pecking and thwapping from all angles. Sometimes they hit the windows lightly, with just a quick tap, and sometimes its a full throttle kamikaze death-pedo. Its never been like this before, and we've lived here now for 8 years. Even my parents are noticing it more and more. I guess because I'm here at the home office all day I really notice the hits and the never-ending pecking.

The other day, one of them actually got in to the house from an open porch door. Our dog sophie likes to go outside and lay in the sun and we accidently left the door open for a little while. So I'm sitting here at my desk and I hear this tapping on a window. It was coming from the dining room so I went out there to check it out because it was even louder than usual. I get out there and I see our two Himilayans cats, Cleopatra and Godiva (names of my sister's choosing), both with no teeth or claws to speak of, pawing at the window trying to capture this poor little bird which was inside the house trying to peck its way out. I shoed the cats away and opened the window to release their captive. It was ridiculous.

Ok well I guess I'll leave you for today. Mission Impossible III comes out tonight, which should be fun. I hope its got a scientology theme, I'm up for one of those. Have a good weekend!

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